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Evaluating five years of ATT annual reports (2015-2019)

Transparency in arms transfers is a central component of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and fundamental to achieving its goals and objectives. The object and purpose of the ATT itself
cannot be fulfilled in the absence of transparency among states trading in arms, and transparency more broadly is central to the effective implementation of the ATT’s operative articles. Transparency can also be seen as directly linked to a government’s willingness to commit to monitoring, oversight and accountability.

The ATT’s requirements for reporting on arms transfers are the primary tools for transparency at the disposal of States Parties. Timely, comprehensive and meaningfully transparent reporting
facilitates confidence building, responsibility and cooperation by  allowing States Parties and
civil society to be certain that Treaty commitments have been respected.

This report evaluates the first five years of ATT annual reporting – which includes 2015–2019 annual reports – to determine whether such reporting has lived up to the promise and
requirements of the ATT. Building on previous ATT Monitor analysis of annual reports each year, this report examines compliance with Article 13.3 reporting obligations, reporting that contributes to the transparency aims and objectives of the Treaty, and reporting that
contributes to a higher standard of transparency.

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