The ATT Monitor is the civil society-based global resource that provides independent analysis and information on the effectiveness of the ATT, and supports the implementation of, and accession to the Treaty.

WATCH: Transparency and Reporting in the Arms Trade Treaty: Challenges and Trends in the Age of COVID-19 Side Event

The side event presented the ATT Monitor 2020 Report and launched a new publication by the Stimson Center’s ATT Baseline-Assessment Project titled “Reporting during a Pandemic: Reflections on the Arms Trade Treaty 2019 Annual Reports”.

Watch the recording now.

The 2020 Report

The ATT Monitor 2020 Report provides an overall analysis of reporting practices, including an in-depth look at ATT Initial and Annual Reports. 

The ATT Monitor also discusses the role of transparency and information sharing in tackling diversion, cooperative action on arms transfer control, and diversion-prevention and mitigation measures.

Watch the Launch of the ATT Monitor 2020 Annual Report

The side event, held in the margins of the Sixth Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), launched the ATT Monitor 2020 Report.

The panellists discussed key themes from this year’s ATT Monitor edition including the special section on the role of transparency and information-sharing in tackling diversion.

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