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The ATT Monitor is the civil society-based global resource that provides independent analysis and information on the effectiveness of the ATT, and supports the implementation of, and accession to the Treaty.

2020 Annual Report

The 2019 Report

Summary Chapter 1 focuses on the obligation of States Parties to consider gender-based violence (GBV) during risk assessment, picking up the President of CSP 2019’s choice of gender and GBV as the priority theme for this year’s CSP. It gives an overview of gender representation in the ATT process in relation to wider moves in UN disarmament processes...
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Goals Not Guns: How the Sustainable Development Goals and the Arms Trade Treaty are Interlinked

[English] [French]In 2015 the international community agreed the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a collection of 17 interlinked broad goals that aim to deliver a transformed world over the next 13 years.  The flow of arms, both licit and illicit, can undermine and hinder development. The Arms Trade Treaty and the SDGs are inextricably...
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