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The ATT Monitor is the civil society-based global resource that provides independent analysis and information on the effectiveness of the ATT, and supports the implementation of, and accession to the Treaty.

UPCOMING: Arms Trade Treaty Reporting in the Shadow of Ukraine

The massive influx of arms transfers to Ukraine has brought renewed attention to the global arms trade and reinvigorated discussions around the importance of—and challenges to—arms trade transparency. The event will feature insights from the 2023 ATT Monitor Report and will launch a new Stimson analysis reflecting on the past year of ATT annual reporting.

The 2023 Report

Chapter 1 summarizes how conventional ammunition is covered by the ATT and provides a brief analysis of the main gaps in how the Treaty addresses ammunition. It then focuses on one specific area of control – conventional ammunition diversion – by presenting several case studies that highlight some ways in which ammunition may be diverted. It also explores some of the measures that States Parties could take to attempt to prevent or mitigate such diversion.

Launch of ATT Monitor 2023 Report

The event was presided over by Ambassador Robert in de Bosch, representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In his opening remarks, he underscored the pivotal role of the ATT Monitor in monitoring the progress of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) towards its objectives. Ambassador de Bosch also emphasized the fundamental importance of transparency in arms exports, a critical element for fostering peace, security, and trust-building. Within this year’s report, the Chair highlighted three key components: a comprehensive evaluation of the ATT’s effectiveness in regulating international arms trade, an in-depth review of the progress in adhering to transparency standards, and a comprehensive overview of the current implementation challenges.

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