State Positions

This map displays dates and milestones relevant to ATT reporting obligations. These milestones are determined by reporting requirements in Article 13 of the ATT. Article 13.1 mandates that States Parties submit an initial report on their measures to implement the Treaty, and Article 13.3 mandates that every State Party submit an annual report on its national arms exports and imports each year, capturing information from the previous calendar year. This map includes the date of entry into force of the ATT for each State Party, as deadlines for initial reports and each State Party’s first round of annual reports are determined by this date. 

All information regarding initial and annual reports submitted by ATT States Parties comes from information reported to the ATT Secretariat and made available on its website (, and was last updated in August 2022. 

Links to ATT Monitor country profile analysis are provided where a State Party submitted a publicly available 2020 annual report.  

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