Goals and Objectives

The ATT Monitor serves as a trusted source of information on the implementation of, and compliance to, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This includes monitoring transfer data contained in annual reports, and tracking implementation measures to embed the Treaty's obligations in national practices, such as the passing of new legislation and the development of national control systems.        

The ATT Monitor has three objectives:

  • Synthesize information to advance the ATT’s universalisation and implementation in a user-friendly format accessible to government policy makers, civil society organizations, the media and the public
  • Promote and stimulate the sharing by countries and other actors of credible information on, and analysis of, the ATT’s universalisation and implementation
  • Identify key challenges in advancing global acceptance of the ATT’s norms and its full implementation and propose steps to ensure that these challenges are addressed.

The ATT Monitor produces credible qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and explores emerging trends and practices that have an impact on the effectiveness of the Treaty and its provisions.